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A girl’s trip to New York City

I’ve been to New York City many times, but I have a really close friend, that has never been! And to top it all off, we share the same birthday! Same day, same year, everything. So when I had two free nights at any Hyatt that might expire without use, I knew we had to use them in New York City for a girl’s trip!



Since I have visited New York City many times, I decided that her wish list should set the itinerary. Her wish list consisted of a lot of restaurants and a lot of shopping, which was completely different for me. The only touristy things we visited were One World Tower, the Frick museum and the Met. It was great fun to see New York City through a newbie’s eyes. I felt like a newbie myself at all of the high end shops we browsed in.

I’ve often referred to visiting the same destination over and over again as vacation reruns. With a city as big as New York and all it’s separate burrows, it seems like there is always something new to see. Or at least new to me. So my PSA is this: Don’t rule out visiting a city over and over again. You’ll see something different every time. Maybe because of who you are traveling with, or maybe because you’re a little different that the last time you went. I’ll get to separate posts on the sights, restaurants and shopping we hit during our trip…so check back soon.

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