Makeup courtesy of zipline tour in Costa Rican rain forrest.

About Julianna:

My name is Julianna and I’m a travelaholic.

17 years ago when my boyfriend (now husband) surprised me with a trip to Florence and asked me to be his wife, I knew I’d met my match. After years as an investment advisor, I gave it all up to be a stay at home mom. As the child of divorce, I was scared of not bringing home my own bacon.  But with three rowdy boys (four if you count the Hubby), I don’t regret the choice I made for one minute. And through it all, we’ve never stopped traveling.

As the designated travel agent for our family, I’ve made a lot of mistakes and learned a lot along the way.  I’ve found travel blogs to be some of the most inspirational and authentic resources for me. Then our friends kept commenting on how much we traveled and asked if I could write down everything we did for their reference.  And that’s how this blog was born.

My wish is that this blog can be one spark of information for new ideas and motivate you, me, and so on, to make traveling easier and a heck of a lot of fun!  I’m that crazy friend that interrogates their friends about the details of their own trips, for a little inspiration of my own. Until I head out on my next trip, I’ll try to inspire others to jump on the bandwagon. So enjoy, and hopefully you’ll get an itch to head out on an adventure of your own!

About my travels:

When you live in a flyover state like I do, it gives you the inspiration to get up and see the world. It also makes me determined as a mother, to show my children just how large and diverse our world is. And hopefully I’ll inspire their lives along the way.

I’ve been to every state in the union, 4 continents, and I gave up on counting countries long ago. All the places I’ve blogged about can be found in “Where I’ve Been”. Hopefully the list will get bigger as I add content. This is not about luxury travel or bargain travel. To me, it’s all about value. I’ll pay the big bucks for some VIP experiences when I think it’s warranted. But I’ll also camp out in order to immerse myself in an area, if that’s the best way to do it. And there’s nothing like the rush of booking a hotel stay with points so that we can afford to spend more on activities during our trip.

Our family has gained so many benefits from traveling, too many to count. We’ve reconnected as a family after too many school activities, sports and friends. Our marriage has been bolstered by fabulous couples weekends away. And I’m positive that our favorite sports teams have been spurred to wins by our attendance. Friendships have been deepened by girls spa trips and boys stinky RV camping trips. What I know for sure, is that the return on our investment in travel is too great to be measured.

The hubby and I keep a bucket list going of places we want to visit in the future. They are not all big ticket places, but important to us all the same. We try to maximize points and miles to go out of the country every other year.

If it’s your first time here:

The reason this section is about us, is that we are a family of 5. This blog definitely wouldn’t be possible without everyone’s input and willingness for adventure. For the purposes of this blog, I will refer to them as Hubby (my husband), Junior (the oldest son), Duke (the middle son) and Bo (the youngest son). I’ve given them psuedonyms since this is my rodeo, not theirs.

From the home page, you can browse according to the type of travel inspiration you are looking for. Travel categories for this blog include:

Family Travel – for when you take the whole brood

Couples Travel – for when your marriage needs a recharge

Spectator Travel – for when you are headed to watch your favorite team/events

Athletic Travel – for when you travel to participate in an event, usually running events

Loyalty – tips and tricks on points and rewards for hotels, flights, etc.

Business Travel – for when you have to plan activities for business colleagues or as a spouse accompanying the business traveler.

Toolkit – miscellaneous tips (they had to go somewhere, right?)

And if you are looking for info on a specific location, you should be able to search from the home page by state/country for the posts that pertain to where you are headed.

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Cheers!!  And I hope you get the inspiration you were looking for!