Advertising on traveling is a great opportunity to reach travel consumers all across the travel industry.  I will accept advertising and/or sponsored posts (those posts will be clearly marked as sponsored).  Ads and content will be clearly delineated.

In our Toolkit category, I often mention a product that has the potential to make traveling easier or better.  I will always disclose if that product was sent to me for free.

I do take trips that are sponsored or paid for by airlines, resorts, or other tourist attractions.  I always share when this is the case and am explicit about who paid for what.  Any review will be objective so that the readers know they are getting an honest opinion.  In that respect, you may roll the dice, which could result in negative comments, but I’ll always explain why.

Think you’ve got a product I’d like to use or a place to visit that I’d like?  Let me know.  Opportunities for advertising, sponsorships, marketing partnerships and advertorials are always available.

Beyond Advertisments…

I’m looking forward to partnering with brands and companies that are traveling inspired.  I’d be happy to review properties, destinations and adventure experiences.

I’m also open to travel campaigns.  I have a husband and the boys who live with my travelaholic tendencies, and love it too.  I assure you, we are also parents that love to get away from the kids for just “us” time too.  IF you have a great location you’d like us to visit or a brand you’d like to promote, please let me know.

I know a lot about traveling with kids, and without.  If you work for a museum, resort, or attraction that is trying to reach out to travelers I’d be happy to discuss a business relationship with you.

I live in the middle of the United States.  Yes, it’s a flyover state.  Therefore, we love to push boundaries and get out and see the world.  Represent an amazing or even strange point of interest? Please let me know!

Giveaway Advertisements…

Another way to partner up and promote your business is through a blog post giveaway.  This is a great way to introduce my readers to amazing products and services and give them a little something to show our appreciation for stopping by!  I love to promote anything that is related to the topics of the blog, which is traveling, traveling, and oh yeah, more traveling.

If you are interested in hosting a giveaway, please shoot us an email at