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Allegria Spa at the Park Hyatt Beaver Creek

I was lucky enough to take two ski trips to Beaver Creek, Colorado this year. I don’t regularly partake in spa services at home, so I decided to pamper myself at the Allegria Spa at the Park Hyatt Beaver Creek. I happened to be staying at the Park Hyatt during both visits, so it was convenient for me, although I had already heard great things about the spa there. This is not a sponsored post, I paid for all of my treatments, but I’ll share a few tips about how to save money at this spa at the end of this post.


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Allegria Spa entrance…


During my December spa visit I decided to have the Ginger Peach Cure. Lasting almost 2 hours, it included a ginger peach exfoliation, swiss shower, Swedish massage completed with a warm wrap. Beaver Creek had been hit with a lot of snow and cold weather during our trip, so the idea of a warm wrap was what sold me on this treatment. They always thoughtfully ask if I have a preference of a male or female spa therapist. My spa therapist was very thorough and professional. There is nothing like walking out of the spa with relaxed muscles and glowing skin.


Sports massage for the athlete…



During my March spa visit I booked a sports massage halfway through my trip so that I could rejuvenate my muscles to hit the slopes for another few days. Hubby was nice enough to take our boys to lunch and sightseeing in the village so I could have another relaxing visit to the spa. This time, I was able to partake in their Aqua Sanitas Water Sanctuary prior to my treatment. They recommend you allow an hour to experience the Water Sanctuary. Access is included in the price of your spa treatment. I don’t really know what the “health and relaxation” benefits are to the Water Sanctuary, but I’ll give you a short rundown.

1) Thermae Pool – designed to raise your core temperature slowly, it was basically a warm hot tub with a waterfall. This is the only coed portion of the “process” but everyone wore swimsuits during the entire thing anyway.

2)  Caldanum Mineral Pools – After going beyond the women only door, it’s another hot tub. This one is hotter, so maybe it helps raise your core temperature slowly? It was smaller and did not have a waterfall.

3) Cascata Rain Shower – It’s basically an open rain shower stall that is supposed to be cold. However, there was a clearly labelled temperature knob if you don’t want to douse yourself in freezing cold water.

4) Caldarium Steam Room – This is your standard steam room in the round. There were cool LED lights on the ceiling that morphed and changed.

5) Tepidarium – A quiet room with heated tile loungers.



Aqua Sanitas Water Sanctuary…


I wore a swimsuit the entire time, and moved from section to section in my robe. The nice thing is that there were laminated cards in each room describing the process. I think those are for people like me that would have wandered around in circles without instructions. While it was fun to do since I had the extra time, I certainly wouldn’t pay $22 just for the privilege. Which is what it costs to have access to the spa if you are not having a treatment. This process took about an hour, after which I proceeded upstairs to the women’s lounge. My sports massage was just what I needed to make it through a few more days on the slopes.

Spa services on vacation are rarely inexpensive. Both of the treatments I had cost a little over $200 each and that was before tax and tip. But here are a few money saving tips for spa treatments while you’re on vacation:

1) When booking your appointment, always ask if they have any specials going on. During peak holidays they might not have any specials running. However, the Allegria Spa did have a special if you booked a massage between the hours of 6 and 8pm. I’m assuming it is the slowest time period for the spa since that’s dinner time. I think the special was a one hour swedish massage for $125.

2) Travelzoo – I’ve seen spa service discounts on Travelzoo. With the app on my phone, I check the deals in my current location. However, the majority of spa deals I have seen on this app are during non-peak travel times, but you never know if you don’t take 2 or 3 minutes to look.

3) Discounted Gift Cards – Once I started paying attention, I noticed that a lot of stores and hotel chains offer discounted gift cards at some point during the year, especially leading up to the Christmas holidays. Luckily, before Christmas, Hyatt ran a 10% off gift cards promotion. Knowing that I would visit the Park Hyatt Beaver Creek twice this year, I bought some discounted gift cards to offset incidentals like the spa and parking fees. So I charged the spa treatment to my room and settled the bill at the end of my stay with the discounted gift cards I brought along with me. It’s important to note that some locations do not take gift cards, so make sure to look at the list of excluded properties before you purchase.

During my spring break spa visit I was surprised to run in to a friend from home. I didn’t even know her family was vacationing in Beaver Creek that week. I have been fortunate enough to enjoy the Allegria Spa several times. Apparently I’m not the only one…


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