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Atlantis hotels review

Atlantis Resort in Nassau, Bahamas is a huge sprawling resort with at least 6 different hotel choices. It’s important to note that families of 5+ will are required to get 2 rooms at the hotels. Unlike hotels at Disney, they claim fire code will not allow rollaway beds in any rooms that have 2 queens. Unless you stay for a week at the Villas complete with a kitchen, but the dates didn’t work for us. So we had two connecting rooms in each hotel. In planning our trip I constantly heard cash register noises in the back of my head, so be prepared. As usual, I travel hacked our trip as much as I could, so we stayed at The Cove for 2 nights on points and at The Coral Towers for 4 nights on our dime. I’ll expand on the costs, and how I cut them, in another post. Here’s my rundown of the hotels:



The Cove at Atlantis


The Cove:

Pros: A minimilist Asian vibe greets guests when they arrive. Most of the lobby is open air with registration and concierge services in rooms off the main path. The hotel tower sits closer to the beach along a wide covered winding planked path past water features and one small shop. In the tower, odd numbered rooms have a larger ocean view, and even numbered rooms have views of the waterpark and the ocean. We had an odd numbered room with a jaw dropping view. The rooms are large, with sunken living areas and giant bathrooms. Every guest gets a beach tote to use at the park and take home too. There is a separate pool and beach for guests of The Cove and Reef Hotels. The Aquaventure water park is a short walk away from the The Cove.



The bedroom from the living room…


Cons: The Cove is on the far end of the resort. So getting to an attraction or different beach might be a long walk. There is no fitness center in the hotel, so you can get extra exercise walking to work out.   The Cove is almost the most expensive hotel at the resort and we were still asked to pay $20 per visit to the fitness center. Um…no. Unless poolside, most dining (fine or casual) will require use of the complimentary shuttle that has stops all over the Atlantis resort. I’m not sure we would have explored the entire resort property if we had only stayed at The Cove. Although, the property was quite serene in the evenings and at night, but some people might like it a little more lively.



Our Cove balcony view…


Coral Towers:

Pros: The location is centrally located within the resort. It is connected to the Royal and Beach towers via inside walkways. Most evening dining can be found within these walkways or at Marina Village across the street. The movie theatre and teen club are within the same group of buildings which is pretty convenient. All of the rooms have small balconies, but some face the busy marina (garden view) and others face the water park and ocean. The rooms are about 1/4 the price of The Cove.



The DIG Aquariums…



Cons: The Atlantis themed decorations are a little over the top. The hotel rooms are dated and need a little refresh. I was so unimpressed I didn’t even take a photo, sorry. I’ve been to some new budget hotel rooms that I might consider a little nicer. Coral Towers and Royal Towers are connected via the casino. So the smoke permeates some of the shops at the Coral Towers, and a few times I could catch a hint of it in the lobby. There are lots of shops connected to the Coral Towers lobby and I felt like I was in a mall. I’m not a shopper, so that might be in the pro column for you.




Paradise Cove beach for snorkeling…


Now that I’ve had time to think about it, I’m more and more convinced that I wouldn’t pay the extra money to stay at The Cove. Don’t get me wrong, it was really nice. But I expect a few more perks when I spend that kind of money. Free gym access? Better dinner reservation times? One free drink a day at the pool? Advanced access to the water park? I’ve stayed at Four Seasons properties that cost about the same per night and the service was unparalleled. I think I’d prefer that if I was just looking for a beach vacation with Hubby. The Coral Towers were a little busy and loud even for our family. The Beach Towers are less expensive and on the opposite side of the resort as The Cove. So it might be calm and quiet, still having access to all Atlantis has to offer, but a long walk to the attractions.

In the end, I’m glad we stayed at two different hotels at the Atlantis resort. Our children had a relaxing beach vacation, which is rare for us. Usually we are a go, go, go type of traveling family. This trip taught me a lot about our traveling and spending styles on vacation. My upcoming posts will cover all of the activities we tried at Atlantis (good and bad) and how we made our trip a little more affordable.

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