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  • Skiing with kids in Beaver Creek

    Skiing with kids in Beaver Creek was something I had never done until a few weeks ago. For years, I had only taken on the higher end ski resorts with other adults, with Hubby or on a girls trip. I decided to take Junior (age 14) on a long weekend ski trip just before Christmas. It was a chance to have some alone time with my teenager. Junior hadn’t been

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    Ice Skating in New York City with kids

    Ice skating in New York City with kids during the winter is a great thing to do because there are so many options.The most notable places to ice skate in New York City are Rockefeller Center, Bryant Park, and Central Park.

    Here’s the cost breakdown for peak season prices:

    Rockelfeller Center – Skate Rental ($12) Admission (Adults $30/Kids $15). VIP Skate and meal packages available. This iconic rink is definitely the

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    Skiing in Red River, New Mexico

    Deciding to start our young family skiing in Red River, New Mexico was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. In a previous post I wrote about skiing with kids and starting out at a smaller ski area was high on the list.

    While Red River is a great place to start, there are lots of mid-small level ski areas that are

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    Traveling for Athletic Competitions…

    No, it is not a traveling contest. I’m talking about traveling for an athletic competition.

    Over the years I have combined my love of travel with athletic events. I’m talking about running and cycling events that Hubby and I compete in.

    Let’s face it. We all have issues staying motivated. I am not one of those lanky women that ran cross country in high school and

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    Going the distance for competitions


    I love to eat.

    There.  I said it.

    So that meansI have to exercise to be able to eat mostly what I want. But sometimes to get me there, I have to have a goal. That means a race or competition to keep me headed in the right direction. But having travelled for athletic events every now and then, I’ve come up with a few suggestions

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