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  • Top 5 tips for Business travel with your spouse

    Business travel with your spouse can mean several different things. For some, your spouse might travel to some amazing city and you decide to take advantage of the company paid hotel room and tag along. But you don’t have to go to make any appearances and your time is your own. Other times it’s a business conference complete with several receptions and dinners that spouses were expected to attend. Either

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    My first visit to the 9/11 Memorial Museum

    During the Thanksgiving weekend, my family and I made our first visit to the 9/11 Memorial Museum.

    I had visited the outside memorial on a previous visit to New York City before the museum was open. The website suggests that the museum might be too much for children under the age of 10. My boys range in age

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    Getting from Midway to O’hare in Chicago

    Until recently, I have never needed to get from the Midway Airport to the O’hare Airport in Chicago.

    I arrived for the Frequent Travelers University in Chicago via Southwest Airlines which operates out of the Midway Airport. I used points to book my travel this time. But the conference was only providing a free shuttle from the O’hare airport because the

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    Dining in Washington DC

    After spending two consecutive weekends in DC, I did my fair share of dining around town.

    Let me say that I am not a foodie, by any stretch of the imagination. Although I love food, my travel is really to get out and see the place. In a long weekend, I might make a reservation for one night, but for the rest go by local recommendations, concierge

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    Washington DC vacation reruns again!

    I just got back from a girlfriend getaway in DC, which you can read about here.

    And 6 days later I was back there again accompanying Hubby on a work trip. The good news was that it was a performance reward trip so there weren’t a lot of meetings he had to attend. It was a quick

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