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Chicago Seminars for points and miles education

This was my second year to attend the Chicago Seminars. You can check out the seminars from my rookie perspective last year here. Some people might question my sanity for attending the same conference again. Last year I took 12 pages of notes and still didn’t attend every session I was interested in hearing. So back to Chicago I went. Here are a few things I did differently the second time around.



Hello Chicago!! I’m back….


First, I created a list of questions. Most people that are into the points and miles hobby are always looking ahead to the next trip. The easiest questions were those about certain destinations and hotels. It was easy to ask fellow travel junkies about their experiences somewhere. The harder questions were about certain airline award routings and credit card benefits and bonuses. But I still found it easy to talk to a speaker in sessions AND out for specific details that were confusing me when staring at my computer at home.



Famous Italian Beef Sammy with new friends…


Second, I joined people for dinner or drinks at the end of each day. Frankly, I found I had a lot more energy this year to mix and mingle after the days session. I could attribute the extra energy to my recent spin class addiction. But I really think that I was more relaxed this time. My first year after a day of sessions, I often had a headache and was on brain overload. But with a better grasp of the basics and my list of questions, I wasn’t so exhausted when the networking and cocktail times came around.



Lots of session choices…


Lastly, I asked people what they learned at a session that I couldn’t attend. Often, people would pull out their notes so that I could take a quick photo. Or they told me what they thought was the most important thing they learned. Some of my favorite sessions this year were maximizing online shopping portals and booking awards for five or more people. But I still heard the high points from friends that attended sessions on cheap premium airfare.



Lounge access and Garretts…life is good.


It’s always fun to be around people that are as crazy about travel as I am. I can’t tell you how many times people approached me that remembered me from the previous year. And I did the same to several other veteran attendees too. Even though I only took 5 pages of notes this year, I completed booking entire trips to Portugal and Boston the week after I got home. I think that means I was inspired and got a lot of good information! Info about the Chicago Seminars comes up on or if you follow any points and miles bloggers, they’ll keep you in the know too. Hubby might as well mark the calendar for next year, because I have a feeling I’ll be heading back to the Chicago Seminars all over again! Can’t wait to see you there, friends!!

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