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Chicago Seminars Reruns

It’s time for me to attend the Chicago Seminars again! Last year was my first time at this great event.  Getting together with other points and miles junkies for an entire weekend of shop talk is really fun! No really, it is.



This event helped me learn enough to plan ahead and save tons of money last year on a family ski trip, a graduation trip to Chicago, an Icelandic adventure, and a mother/son ski trip. And that was just a few last year’s trips! On other vacations I made better choices to earn maximum points and miles to help cut upcoming costs.



Last year I was just beginning to not feel like a total newbie in this hobby. The Chicago Seminars definitely put me at the next level. There is always something to take away from these events. Sometimes, it’s another great contact when I have a question or problem throughout the year. Or even just a confirmation from others that I’m headed in the right direction. I’ll do a full post about my second experience next week.

That’s it for now!  Happy Trails!!

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