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Dining out in Beaver Creek

Since we chose to stay in a hotel instead of a condo this trip, we did our fair share of dining out in Beaver Creek, Colorado. I have to say I’m not used to staying in a hotel room without a kitchen. But since I was going for a long weekend with only one kid and a friend, it was more manageable than if I was traveling with the whole family.


Pretty salad at Spago…

Dining on the mountain:

It seems like eating on the mountain is inevitable. I know our family gets too comfortable if we go back to the condo or hotel for lunch. This mom doesn’t like paying for a full day lift ticket and only using it for a half day of skiing. Two of the “on mountain” restaurants that we visited at Beaver Creek were the Spruce Saddle and Talons. The food is basically the same, but Talons just opened this season so everything is shiny and new. Both of these places are pretty crowded at peak times and sometimes it’s hard to find a seat after making it through the crazy counter areas. Carrying a tray of soup in clunky ski boots is always a challenge. As a side note, Talons had a charging station for phones in case your battery was running low. The bowl of turkey chili served with a roll and bottled water that I had, rang up just under $20. Ouch. It wasn’t horrible, but it wasn’t great. At those prices, it makes sense to eat a light lunch and partake of free cookies or s’mores at the end of the ski day for an afternoon snack.


Charging station inside Talons…

Since Beaver Creek has trails that connect it to Batchelor’s Gulch and Arrowhead, there are even more places to grab a quick bite. The Ritz Carlton at the base of Bachelor’s Gulch has teamed up with Wofgang Puck in their restaurant called Spago. I initially thought this restaurant would be too expensive or fancy for a ski day lunch. How wrong I was! The greatest thing about Spago is that they take reservations from the Open Table app. Not having to wait for a table during the peak lunch hour was fabulous. Junior and I split an amazing tasting pizza ($17) and I had a yummy side salad. Since we split the pizza it didn’t cost that much more than eating on the mountain, but the food was SOOO much better. They had other entrees as well, I just hate to ski in the afternoon with too full of a stomach. It seems like dinner at Spago would be much more expensive and fancy, but at lunch time most people are in ski boots, or hanging around at the bar. I’ll just sum it up by saying that we ate there twice in four days, and we’ll definitely be back.


Cozy and comfy at Spago…

Dining in Beaver Creek Village:

Since we didn’t have a car this trip, we ate the majority of our meals in Beaver Creek Village. The village does have dial-a-ride that will take you anywhere within Beaver Creek, Batchelor’s Gulch and Arrowhead for free. You might have to wait a few minutes for them to pick you up, but free is free.

A dinner time favorite on our recent trip was the Beaver Creek Chophouse. My discerning steak aficionado (Junior) was really happy that they cooked it to the exact temperature he likes. The waitress was really helpful with suggestions and combinations that were not even on the menu. Her recommendation of the key lime pie that was made fresh in house that morning, was spot on. I’ve actually eaten lunch at the Chophouse in the summer on the patio also. The menu is a bit different for each season, but equally as good.


Chophouse menu…

If your kids are begging for more casual food, you can try Blue Moose Pizza. We made the mistake of walking in at peak dinner time and ended up waiting about an hour to be seated. Stick to the pizza at the Blue Moose. Everything else we ordered was very mediocre. I’d hesitate to visit the restaurant again, but they do offer carryout. If I had it to do all over again, I think I’d call it in, pick it up and head back to the hotel or condo to enjoy.

Since we were staying at the Park Hyatt, we decided to try their restaurant just off of the lobby called 8100 Mountainside Grill. I haven’t been that disappointed by a restaurant in a long time. Junior had a steak that was poorly cooked and way too fatty. I had a wedge salad that was swimming in so much dressing I couldn’t eat it. Their charcuterie plate was various hams that were supposed to be the cream of the crop. It was just okay. The waitress seemed attentive at first, but halfway through the meal she disappeared for stretches at a time. I never figured out what the problem was that night. The restaurant was busy, but not slammed. Oh well.

The counter service Cafe within the Park Hyatt was actually pretty good. They have breakfast sandwiches in the morning, pastries, yogurt, coffee, tea, fresh fruit cups, etc. The staff saw me struggling while carrying bottled drinks and walked around the counter to help. The day of our departure I was grateful I bought protein bars from the cafe that I stashed in my purse. When our shuttle back to Denver took over 4 hours, we were glad to at least have something to eat. The shuttle experience will be a whole different blog post.

None of our meals were sponsored and I paid for each and every one. I did get a $100 food and beverage credit to use at the Park Hyatt, but all opinions expressed are my own.  I booked several of our seatings on the Open Table app. I promise I have no affiliation or sponsorship with them, I just hate trying to obtain reservations over the phone. I also love that I can rack up points with each reservation that will translate into a dining check to use at any Open Table affiliated restaurant.

I’ll try to wrap up some scattered thoughts about our trip to Beaver Creek at the end of the week. Which will be 2015! It’s hard to believe! Now if I can just remember to write the new year on documents and checks…Happy New Year!


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