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Dining out in Oklahoma City

While traveling over Thanksgiving we had a lot of opportunities for dining out in Oklahoma City. The downtown/midtown/bricktown area has a lot of amazing options that would surprise you. It was hard to do, but I narrowed it down to 5 places that you shouldn’t miss if you find yourself lucky enough to visit.



  1. Bleu Garten – This is Oklahoma City’s midtown food truck park. They have a full bar, ample seating, shaded areas complete with televisions for sports too. They’re open March through November. Be sure to check the online schedule for what type of food trucks will be there any given day. We saw everything from onion burgers to s’mores.
  2. Waffle Champion – When there’s a long line of locals out the door, you know you are in for a treat. It’s hard to decide what to eat! Chicken and waffles? Yes, please. Marshmallow Creme Brulee Waffle? Coming right up! Mexican Benedict? Okay! Coffee or Mimosa? Absolutely. There isn’t much to say about this place, other than it’s worth the wait. They’re open from 7am-2pm daily, so get over there!
  3. Vast – This posh restaurant is located in the tallest building in Oklahoma City. Reservations are a must. When it opened, the food reviews were not great. But it’s been revamped in the last year, and what a difference. Even if you aren’t up for an expensive meal, head up to happy hour at the bar and enjoy the views.
  4. Cattleman’s – This steakhouse in the stockyards city area is well worth the short drive from downtown. Continuously operated for over 100 years, this restaurant is a slice of Oklahoma history. It is nothing like any of the fancy steakhouses you’ve been to at home. But the food is stellar at prices you won’t believe. It’s been featured on the television shows Man vs. Food, and Diners Drive-ins, and Dives too. We loved the deep booths for seating. The old stockyard area is fun for big city folk to look at.
  5. Chelino’s – Oklahoma City does mexican food well. The bricktown location of Chelino’s is convenient, but locals prefer the original location just south of downtown. Either way, you’ll enjoy great chips and salsa, but don’t eat too much because the portions are huge!!

There are soooo many more places I could have chosen. Using an app like Yelp might help you narrow it down. There aren’t any photos of the food since I was too busy eating it! Who knew that Oklahoma City had such great food? Bon Appetit!

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