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Too early to consider summer camp?

It’s never too early to start searching for or enrolling your kids in summer camp. Popular places fill up fast, and there are often discounts for early applications.  

Let me start by saying that my husband and I both went to sleep away summer camp. Not the same one. When we were old enough we stayed for a month. Yes, Internet, I said that right. A month.


It may surprise you that my boys went to camp for 2 weeks at ages 6-8 and 4 weeks from age 9 and up. Go to camp, away from home, in a different state, for an entire month. And here are a few reasons why…

 1) One of my jobs as a parent is to raise independent children. This is a big step in the right direction.

 2) It gets kids out of their bubble of friends and comfort that they live in at home and makes them realize not everyone is the same. (Much like traveling will do, but with a little more in depth interaction.)

 3) If the first time I drive away from my children for any length of time is when I drive away from their college campus, I will have a nervous breakdown. I’m not even mentioning what the kid will be thinking.

 4) The kids think they are getting away with something even though it is a controlled environment. Seriously, since the counselors are mostly college students, my kids think they spend a month unsupervised each summer:)

5) They do not look at a TV screen or video game for THIRTY DAYS!! And they love it!! And I don’t feel guilty when I let them have a little extra screen time during the winter when we are snowed in.

 6) If you have a picky eater, they might try some new things and LIKE them! My son choked on cheesy chili mac on a 3 day camping trip at camp. But he TRIED it!! Another son came back in love with breakfast sausage and chicken alfredo, but he wouldn’t dare try those at home before that!

 7) They can get out of the summer climate at home. Our hometown can get over 100 degrees in the middle of the summer. So, I send mine to the mountains! Their sleeping bags have to be rated down to 15 degrees. Aaaaahhhhh!


Now, I’m not saying I didn’t cry as we pulled away from my rising 2nd grader that first summer. He only went for 2 weeks the first time. I held it together for him before we pulled away.

 It did spark a million dollar idea…………Are you ready for it?

Tiki Bars set up a mile or so away from the camp exit. Complete with beer, bar stools, and a margarita machine. That way all the melancholy parents can commiserate together.

Genius. I know.

Camp has been and continues to be one of the best experiences in my kids’ lives. Our entire family is the better for it. I had two boys that were gung ho for camp, and one that was a little unsure before he left.  Now they all wouldn’t dream of missing summer camp. And hopefully when their middle school class wants to take a trip out of state, or even out of the country I’ll have a little more confidence about it.

Now for the really important question.  Where can you and your honey travel while the kids are away at camp??!! Yee Haw!!

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