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Eating at Atlantis

The biggest thing you need to do while preparing to eat at Atlantis during your visit is this:

Lower your expectations.

As a blogger that researches my own upcoming travels on other blogs, I was forewarned that the food was expensive and not fabulous. Therefore, we decided that casual and poolside dining would suffice for our visit.




Poolside food: Poolside food is actually one of the decent values on Atlantis property. The combo meals offer an entree, chips or fries, and a soda. The kids meals are a decent size and an even better value. I was happy with a cocktail and some veggie crudites (it was a lot of veggies). Poolside service was not a lot more expensive that going to the counter yourself. The same service and VAT fees were charged either way.




Fine Dining: Against my better judgement we made reservations at The Bahamian Club. It was a sentimental reservation because Hubby was leaving our vacation early, so I wanted something nice and memorable before he flew back to the States. While the British atmosphere was refreshing, the food left a lot to be desired. Trying to present itself as a nice steakhouse with seafood too, it fell horribly short. All of the steaks were cooked so incorrectly, we played musical steaks around our table so that everyone got one cooked they way they had requested. My fish was overcooked too. We had a hard time relaying this to the staff, as the service disappeared once our food was served. I felt like we spent over $500 for food we could have gotten at TGIFridays. I had read the same warnings before I left. I should have listened. Stay away from fine dining at Atlantis, your wallet and palate will thank you.


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Casual Dining: The bad thing about casual dining is that you might have to wait in line or go early in order to eat at a decent hour. We just left the waterpark before it closed and went early to the Marina Village area (kind of like Downtown Disney area at WDW). While some of those restaurants were better than others, I wasn’t that disappointed when I got the bill.

Murray’s Delicatessen is more like an old New York diner than anything else. With such an extensive menu, we happily ate there twice during our stay. The salads were great and the boys loved the chicken and waffles. If you are a pickle fan, you’ll love that they bring a bowl of dill pickles to the table as an appetizer for everyone.

Marina Pizzeria is counter service pizza by the slice. There is no indoor seating. So we grabbed a table outside, but at lunchtime the heat was just too much. For that reason, I’d try to grab a quick bite for dinner their instead. The pizza was not that great and it was $8 per slice. We did not return again during our visit even though the boys like pizza a lot. Just sayin.

Quizno’s is the answer if you are looking for the most inexpensive food at Atlantis. We grabbed sandwiches to go from Quizno’s on New Years Eve. That way we could eat in our room while watching the college football playoffs. We were in the perfect spot on our balcony for the fireworks at midnight. I don’t typically eat Quizno’s at home, but it looked like the same menu from what I could tell.

Johnny Rockets was one of our boys favorite places to eat at Atlantis. No pretense, just good food. Since they don’t take reservations, the wait was long, but well worth it. The staff was very friendly and attentive. Cheese fries get my boys every time.

Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville sits across the street from the Marina Village, and had only been open 3 weeks before our visit. We waited 3 hours, and they had run out of a lot of food by the time we were seated. The food was not worth the wait and the noise level. The island band was good, but we had a hard time hearing each other talk. I wouldn’t eat there unless you’ve heard that they’ve ironed out the kinks.

Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream: Sometimes on vacation we just let all the rules out the window and run wild. We decided to have ice cream one night for dinner. It worked out well because this shop gets much busier after dinner time. If you can’t throw caution to the wind on vacation, when can you?





Starbucks: The two hotels we stayed at on property at Atlantis had a Starbucks in the lobby. This was important for afternoon tea runs for me. Duke enjoyed a mocha frappucino as an afternoon snack. We skipped it in the mornings cuz it was so packed. But it was really convenient!

I’ll note that I didn’t mention any restaurants for breakfast. I just can’t see spending $30/person on buffet breakfast since my boys are hungry two hours later no matter how much they eat for breakfast. So, we brought breakfast bars and cereal in one of our checked bags. We also had our airport transfer make a stop at the grocery store on our way to the hotel. I’m getting ahead of myself about how we made our trip a little more affordable. That’s the next post, travel hacking Atlantis. Until then…



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