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Getting from Midway to O’hare in Chicago

Until recently, I have never needed to get from the Midway Airport to the O’hare Airport in Chicago.

I arrived for the Frequent Travelers University in Chicago via Southwest Airlines which operates out of the Midway Airport. I used points to book my travel this time. But the conference was only providing a free shuttle from the O’hare airport because the hotel was so close to it. So my choices were a taxi or train. I love to use Uber, but travel from the airport to your hotel with Uber is sometimes blocked and more of a hassle than it’s worth. Especially when I had another option.

The opening meeting of the conference didn’t start for another 8 hours, so I had a lot of time. I decided to save money and try the train (CTA). I’m glad I did because another attendee told me she took a taxi to the tune of $80. The CTA is $3 one way. Even with a transfer to a different line, as long as you don’t exit the inside of the train concourse it was still only $3.

Orange line first, then blue line...

Orange line first, then blue line…

It’s pretty easy to follow the signs in the airport to catch the train in the direction of downtown. You should be able to buy your ticket at a kiosk with your credit card pretty easily and be on your way. However, the lines at the kiosks were 15 people deep at each one, so that added to my travel time. It was a Friday morning and the weekend of a lot of school’s fall break, so maybe that was the reason. If you have a credit card with a wifi, blink, or pay pass symbol on it you can skip this step, scan your contactless card at the turnstile, and proceed on through. Believe me, I’m looking into getting one types of credit cards soon.

I started on the orange line heading into downtown. It was quite a long ride with a lot of stops. Don’t forget I had my rolling carry on luggage with me too. I switched stations at the Clark St. stop. Making sure not to exit the concourse I followed the signs to the blue line in the direction of O’hare Airport. I would have stayed downtown and done some shopping if I didn’t have my luggage with me. Instead, I hopped onto the blue line and rode it all the way to it’s last stop at O’hare Airport. From there I easily found the shuttle bus to my hotel for the weekend.

TOTAL TRAVEL TIME: 1 Hour and 48 minutes. I timed it.

I had the time and it worked out well. And according to my friend, I saved $77 in the process. Well done, me! I actually took Uber back to Midway on Sunday. The total Uber ride was $39.33 and took only 45 minutes on a Sunday when traffic was light. Although, my total bill was really only $9.93 since I had a $30 ride credit for referring a friend. Everyone can refer their friends, and it has definitely paid off for me. Even if you don’t have a credit, the Uber price looks much better than my friend’s taxi fare.

I’m also glad to know this information for future reference. I have seen a few great international fares out of Chicago, but would have to take a positioning flight to Chicago first. With Southwest as my domestic airline of choice (and point accumulation) I could easily find myself needing to get from Midway to O’hare to head on to some fabulous destination.

But I’d need at least 2 hours to only pay $3 to transfer between those two airports, and so would you.


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