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Gifts for travelers

You realize that Christmas is only 5 days away, right?

You still have time to buy something for that special someone, especially if they are a traveler. No need to fight the crowds at the mall. With two day shipping it’s still possible to get the gift here or there on time. Although I’m much more into experiences that material things, I came up with some of my favorites for this post:

photo 1

This one’s mine, get your own…

1) The Kindle Paperwhite: I wrote an entire post about this bad boy and why I love it. Not just for traveling, I keep mine in the car when I am sitting in carpool, since it seems to take forever! I can focus on my latest book, instead of wondering why my children are so slow getting to the car. The prices range from $99-$169 depending on the extra features. Hubby resisted transitioning to an e-reader for a long time, but he’s a big believer now.


Bo and his travel pillow…

2) Travel Pillow: I can’t sleep sitting up. Not on a plane, not in a house, not with a mouse. So this gift was actually for my traveling boys. They’ve had theirs for a few years. I picked the Biosense pillow from Brookstone because the cover is removable. At the time I bought theirs, you could even buy a carrying case, which I did. Theirs are monogrammed with their initials so they can tell them apart easily. We never travel without them. Every once in a while I steal theirs on international flights to try and catch a catnap. The best thing about this pillow is that it isn’t huge. Somehow the foam inside (feels like memory foam) squishes down a lot in their carry on backpacks, so they don’t take up tons of space either.


3) Gift Certificates for Travel: This takes a little more knowledge about the recipient. For instance, our family primarily travels domestically on Southwest Airlines. So a gift certificate for Southwest Airlines would be perfect for us. Most major airlines and hotels offer gift cards. Hotel gift cards are especially useful for extras like restaurants and spa. If you’re not quite sure about their travel habits, you can always try a gift card for

4) Bose Noise canceling headphones (earbuds): I’m not gonna lie, these things aren’t cheap. Junior asked for these for his birthday last year, and that was the only thing he got. But I have to say, I’ve never seen him use a product more than this one. Sometimes I think he uses them at home so he can’t hear me asking him to help me cook dinner. Hubby carried the big over the ear headphones for years. But they’re pretty bulky if you travel for work as much as he does. He’s been eyeing these for Christmas. Only time will tell if Hubby was on the nice list!

5) Comfortable Sleep Kit: If you are looking for something a lot less expensive, try a set that includes ear plugs and an eye mask. It’s something I keep in my toiletry kit, and when it comes in handy, I am SOOO glad I have it. Even though the condo we rented in NYC was 5 stories up, we could hear people sneeze on the street below. I just grabbed the ear plugs out of my kit, and slept like a baby. The eye mask comes in handy for me while camping. I’m pretty sensitive to light stimuli, so if the sun is up at 5am, so am I. I could not have made it through our Yellowstone/Grand Tetons camping trip without it. I sometimes move the kit to my carry on for international flights, in an attempt to sleep on the plane. I keep trying!

I could go on and on recommending more travel related gifts, but these hit the high points for now. Happy Traveling Shopping!



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