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Going the distance for competitions


I love to eat.

There.  I said it.

So that meansI have to exercise to be able to eat mostly what I want. But sometimes to get me there, I have to have a goal. That means a race or competition to keep me headed in the right direction. But having travelled for athletic events every now and then, I’ve come up with a few suggestions to make things a little better.

IMG_1829Jailbreak Race Event

1) Stay as close to the race site as possible. This means sometimes staying at nice places like the Bellagio in Vegas or a La Quinta Inn and Suites in Cedar Hill Texas. When you have to be at race check in at 6am, you’ll be glad for the extra sleep versus a hotel with a fancy lobby.

2) The last day of packet pickup at a racing event’s expo is always the busiest. So for a race on a Saturday, the first expo day is usually a Thursday. Even if you have just gotten into town, and a little tired, push through and go get it all today. Because Friday the lines will be long, and it will be crowded in the browsing and shopping areas. You can rest Friday before the Saturday race.

3) Beg a friend or spouse to go with you. Having a “wife” or sherpa with you on race day, makes the whole thing less daunting and a lot more fun. One of my girlfriends who doesn’t run or bike, is my go to gal. We can share a room, so no extra costs there, and catch up like we can’t when kids and husbands are around.

IMG_1144Muddy Buddy Bike

4) Use out of town races as an excuse to see friends in those towns. They often know the lay of the land or streets and can be your taxi to an fro the race. And there’s nothing like a home cooked meal before or after a race that isn’t in your hometown. I have to say I’ve got some really great friends…and it’s fun to have a crazy cheering section so far from home.

So there are my tips and tricks to out of town fitness events. Now get out there and go the distance!

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