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How do you keep up with all those travel deals??

There is nothing I like more than sharing my love of travel with my friends and family. With Thanksgiving and Christmas right around the corner, I hear parents asking one another, “Where are you headed for vacation?” My ears always perk up when I hear of a unique destination or somewhere I’ve been thinking about traveling to. I often get asked how I come up with the destinations and activities on our trips. The next question is, “How do you keep up with all those travel deals?” Other people roll their eyes and say they don’t have time to read all of the information out there. Neither do I.



Iceland was worth the $99 to get there!!



The art of skimming travel related information is how I keep up with all of those travel deals. People fill their news/social media feeds with all sorts of information. For some people that politics and news, for others, it’s fashion and beauty. For me it’s all about travel. Like most of you, I read the headline and then decide if I want to click on the article for more information. You can add a few travel items to your feeds and be in the know on deals and trends in travel.

1) Make sure you are on the email list for your preferred airline carriers or hotel groups. Sales and promotions will come straight to your inbox. I know you don’t want to clutter up your inbox, but most companies allow you to set preferences for your interests. Since Hubby uses Southwest for business travel we always pay attention to those sale or promotion emails.

2) Follow @TheFlightDeal on twitter. The Flight Deal team has strict criteria for a flight to be considered a deal, and then they tweet it out. I even have my phone set to send me a text notification when they post something on twitter. 95% of the time, it doesn’t apply and I ignore it and move on. But that 4 or 5 seconds is worth it to me if I can take advantage of an amazing deal or mistake fare. These are act fast deals, but remember most sites like Orbitz allow for a cancellation within 24 hours. If you don’t l live in a hub city (like me) you still might snag a great deal from the closest hub, or one that you can get to with a quick direct flight. They have a Facebook page too, if that’s more your style, but I think they are better with Twitter.



Chicago on miles and points…



3) Travel Hacking Blogs – There are tons of travel hacking blogs out there that will blog about deals on airfare, hotels, and how to get the most bang for your buck on vacation. They’ve helped me earn more rewards and learn how to redeem them for more value. Which blog you like (other than mine) is a lot about personal preference since a lot of the content is the same. I follow The Points Guy, Mommy Points, Million Mile Secrets, Frequent Miler, among others. Some post more on destinations, while others post more on credit card bonuses, points and promotions. I use Bloglovin as an app for all my blog feeds, which makes it easy to skim to the posts I’m interested in reading. Most travel hacking blogs have Facebook pages too, if you’d rather follow them that way. Our amazing trip to Iceland last summer was initiated by the $99 flights from BWI that I learned about from a few of those blogs.

4) Groupon – Now, I have to admit I haven’t tried this one. But my neighbors just got back from a week in Paris at the Le Meridien through a Groupon Getaway. It was a great deal for them since they don’t really play the points and miles game at all. I will say I sure have fun skimming through those packages sometimes.

I’m sure there are many other ways to keep track of travel deals and trends on a daily or weekly basis. Some people use an app like feedly to combine all of their information in one place, but I didn’t like it. Instead, I use Facebook for friends, Twitter for companies and blogs, Bloglovin for blogs only, and Instagram just for fun. The most important thing is to do whatever works for you. Hopefully I gave you a few ideas on how to grab a deal for your next vacation, no matter how you choose to be notified. Happy Deal Hunting!!




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