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Lake Arenal Day 2 – Costa Rica

Adventure time!!

There are so many things to do in Costa Rica, it is hard to pick. The group tour we were on had free time built in so that we could choose a few of our own activities. We were trying to pick between Caves and Zip line. You can kayak through underground caves and swim around to see wildlife. It sounded pretty awesome, but since it was overcast and rainy I was a little too spooked to go into caves. So we decided to zip line in the rain? Hey, we all rationalize our decisions, that was mine…

Anyway, we went with Arenal Muado Aventura to zip line. My husband and I had been on a zip line in Playa Del Carmen Mexico before. That was fun, so we decided to do it since it would be our children’s first time. Let me just say that the one in Mexico was preschool compared to this zip line. My boys, at ages 7,8, and 10 were able to do the whole thing. Depending on your child’s weight, they will go with a guide or by themselves. My 85 lb ten year old went by himself on many of the legs, while my 48 lb eight year old, only went by himself on one leg of the zip line. Those afraid of heights should just choose something else. It was $50 per person, and worth every penny.

It was 10 sections of zip line. The longest one was 800 meters, that’s almost 1/4 mile long. On average, this one was 400 feet above the rain forest floor and canopy. The platforms were on land (not in tree houses like the one in Mexico) so we could wait for each other if we wanted to.


Overcast day, but you can still spot the zip lines….



Our last stop for the day was the hot springs. The smallest of the Arenal Hot Springs, Eco thermales is geared toward privacy and relaxation and does not accept more than 100 visitors at a time. The 4 pools vary in temperature, the coolest one is 91 degrees Fahrenheit and the hottest one is 105 degrees Fahrenheit. One of the warmer pools even has lava ash on the bottom.



These pictures are courtesy of their website. It was dark and steamy in my photos.



Nothing like hot springs with several cocktail bars nearby. It was fun for the kids and relaxing for the adults after a long day of adventure. You have to pre-book a 4 hour time slot. Ours was 5pm til 9pm so that we could have dinner there. They’ll lend you a locker and towel and they’ll even give you a plastic bag for your wet swimsuit.

One of the best things about Eco Termales is the wonderfully prepared food of Doña Mireya, using a traditional rustic kitchen, she prepares delicious Costa Rican cuisine. We had chicken and fish, and the homemade tortillas were amazing!!! The restaurant still maintains its colonial architecture in which the family prepares meals on the first floor and sleeps on the second floor.

What a fantastic way to finish up our time in the Arenal area of Costa Rica. Everyone slept really well that night.

Next up, glamping!!!

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