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My latest restaurant visits in New York City

My latest restaurant visits in New York City varied a lot in level of service and even location this time. Here are the stops we made, and what I thought.


No visit can be complete without some New York Style Pizza. Thin crust is my favorite kind, so I was in heaven. Since we had our kids with us, we tried two different places. Lombardi’s in Soho was established in 1905 and they use only fresh ingredients. The bruschetta appetizer was fantastic. The pizza was good with fresh mozzarella, but a little on the saucy side for me and my boys. When we return, we’ll get the white pizza (no sauce). They don’t take reservations, there are no drink refills, and they only accept cash. All that aside, I’d still visit Lombardi’s again. The other pizza we visited was Numero 28 on the upper east side of Manhattan. Although you could visit their locations in the village too. They have some fantastic salads in addition to the pizza. Although Numero 28 takes reservations, they only take cash for payment too.


Dinner before your Broadway show can be kind of a mess. After waiting too late to get reservations at Lattanzi, I settled on The West Bank Cafe. It was on the same street as the Broadway show we were going to see, so we wouldn’t feel rushed. I was impressed by the service. The hostess took our coats and hung them up for us while the server asked if we were headed to a show. The variety of beers took Hubby by surprise as well as a TV in the bar he had a small view of from our table. The boys loved the calamari, and my chicken entree was tender and well seasoned. It was a great choice for the location as well as the menu variety for the boys.

One of the best restaurants we tried this trip, was The Little Owl. It had been recommended to us by several different friends of ours, and they were right. This tiny 30 seat restaurant is located in the Soho building that was used for the outside shot of the TV show Friends. You know, the one with all the fire escapes. The restaurant and neighborhood feeling, make for a great combination. Reservations are a must. The friendly staff and hostess made us feel like we had been coming in there for years. My boys loved the meatball sliders, the pork chop entree and a risotto special. I especially liked that they filled my glass of prosecco to the brim. I can’t wait to visit there again, but I’ll remember to make reservations way ahead of time.


We met a friend that lives in New York City at a restaurant on the Upper East side called, Eats. It was a small place, close to the subway and to our friend’s office. While I wouldn’t make a special trip to eat there again, it was good food. Hubby had a lamb burger that was pretty good, and you can order an omelette at lunch time. They had a great kids menu for the boys. If you find yourself in that area, it’s a safe bet.

And finally, we had dessert on our last afternoon in New York City at Le Churro. We were walking back from lunch at Numero 28 with friends on the upper east side. Le Churro is a tiny place that sells churros made in the authentic style. The owner is from Madrid. Although they sell several sauces to dunk them in, you can even dunk your churro in you hot chocolate. The churros are kosher since there are no dairy or eggs in them (no trans fat either). They are only made with a combination of flour, water, and salt. I had one small bite, but could hear the mmmm’s and aaahhhh’s over the chocolate dipping sauce.

My favorite part about New York City restaurants is that there are so many of them to choose from. It”s nice to find a lots of small business restaurants instead of a street lined with national chains like at home. Sometimes that makes it harder to pick one out. While I look at places like Yelp for confirmation, I like recommendations from blogs or friends even better. For instance, The Little Owl had some mixed reviews on Yelp. But it was recommended by a close friend at home, and acquaintances on a business trip. So I took a chance, and was glad I did.

But when you are picking restaurants I guess that’s the idea. Go with your gut.



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