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Long Alaskan Days and Activities – Gridwood, AK

We began our day at the Alaskan Wildlife Conservation Center. It’s only 15 minute drive from the Hotel Alyeska, but about an hour from Anchorage if you are staying there. If you didn’t get enough wildlife viewing, here’s you chance. It’s like a giant outdoor zoo. It is a lot of walking on dirt/gravel roads, and some tour groups drive through. But we enjoyed the walk and up close viewing. If you arrive right when they open you will avoid the cruise ship buses that had shown up by the time we were leaving. IMG_3589 There are moose, bears, elk, musk ox, fox, eagles and the porcupine (Snickers). Our group had a private presentation about the center and an upclose experience with Snickers. IMG_3575 Snickers loves oranges and they match his orange teeth! We got to pet him, and you’d never guess that he has soft hairs over his quills. Our group activities were over for the day, but our guides decided to take anyone that wanted to go, to a short hike to Byron Glacier. There is a small parking lot not far from the Hotel Alyeska where you can pick up the clearly marked trail. It was about a 15 minute easy hike, and when the kids saw the snow it was all fun. From snowball fights, to sledding, we had a great time. We “found” the sled at the base (we think our guides planted it there). You can’t go too far up the glacier, or you might start seeing crevasses and no one wants to fall. The whole outing lasted about an hour and half. sledding….. in august…… IMG_3601 Snowball Fight!!!! Okay, so you think we’d be done. But with the sun so high in the sky, we thought why not do one more thing. So what if it’s dinner time, we’ll take snacks along. Ready for Rockclimbing? You can learn to Rock Climb at Tram Rock with the Ascending Path Company! This creek side crag is nestled deep in the forest right under the Tram cables. Our 3 hour “top-roped” climbing experience was just a 10 minute hike from The Alyeska Hotel. Our family is no stranger to our hometown rock climbing gym and all gear is provided in Alaska. The rock is gorgeous and the kids climbed twice and mom and dad climbed once. Each of us made it to the top too. IMG_3623 Just beginning, Lisa our trusty guide! IMG_3629 Halfway… So even though the sun was super high in the sky, it was already 8:30pm. We fell into bed that night knowing there was nothing else we could have packed into our day. At least for 12 hours until dawn breaks again in gorgeous Alaska…..

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