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New York City Restaurants on our girls trip

On recent girls trip to New York City, we had a list a mile long of restaurants we wanted to hit. Most of them were outstanding, so I wanted to share them with you!


My bags are on the left.. just sayin.


After a 3 hour flight delay and missing the broadway show we had tickets to on Thursday night, we settled in for a late dinner at Trattoria Dell’Arte. It was a short walk from our hotel which was perfect since we were tired and hungry. The hostess (is it still hostess if it’s a man? or maitre de?) was energized and fun and made us feel welcome. When he handed me a glass of prosecco before he even decided where to seat us, I knew I was in heaven. After hearing we were from the heartland, he said he’d let us know if any celebrities walked in. It’s not a huge place, with some strange art on the walls, but I like that a lot better than a snobby restaurant. The food was fantastic and they served mini cookies right off the cookie sheet, just because they could. I’d definitely visit there again.



Art? on the walls at Trattoria Dell’Arte

At the recommendation of a friend we decided to try the burger joint inside Le Parker Meridian for lunch on our second day. It’s a tiny hole in the wall that flame grills their burgers, with a limited menu and seating. They just started taking credit cards, so it might be smart to take cash just in case. It’s definitely an experience. If you see a line of people next to a heavily curtained wall inside the hotel, you are in the right place. They have menus in many different languages in pamphlets on the wall as you enter. They will cook your order to your specifications (medium rare, etc.). My burger wasn’t cooked enough for me, so I wasn’t that impressed with the place. The fries were fine, but the famous giant brownie tasted more like dry cake. I probably won’t visit again, but the experience was kind of fun.


Tiny hole in the wall…The Burger Joint.


One of my favorite places to eat dinner in New York City is the Tao location uptown. The large warehouse feel with the giant buddha makes the best ambience. We visited the weekend after Prince had passed away, so the all of the lights (and even the Buddha) had a purple glow, and they played a lot of his music that night. We were having so much fun, we moved to the bar and had some great martini’s and talked and laughed the night away. Don’t let the idea of a bunch of sushi and rabbit food keep you from trying it out. I’ve taken two people that don’t eat seafood there, and they loved it and would definitely go back.



The atmosphere at Tao Uptown is as good as the food.


After visiting the One World Observatory, we decided it was almost time for lunch. So we walked north through chinatown and little Italy to get to one of my favorite restaurants, Luna. It’s easy to just walk in and be seated. The food is fresh and delicious. The homemade sangria hit the spot too! I always love when my waiter is one of the older Italian guys, the place has tiny bathrooms near the kitchen and when you walk by, all you can hear is rapid fire Italian being spoken.



Homemade Sangria at Luna in Little Italy…


The only dud restaurant of the weekend was Sparks Steakhouse. It was recommended by friends, but the service and food did not measure up. Not by a mile. Maybe we are steak snobs since we live in cattle country? The ambience seemed really old and tired and I know I won’t return there. It just seemed like the lights were on super bright for the evening meal time. The decor was dated and the service was fair. Oh well, you can’t bat 1000. You know what I mean, I’m not a baseball fan.

This was the first of 3 trips I made to New York City in a 4 month period. That’s a lot for a girl that lives in the middle of the country. I’ll share some of my obscure tourist spots in NYC (I was up for anything different) in upcoming posts. Happy Eating!







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