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Radio City Christmas Spectacular Review

While spending Thanksgiving in New York City, we decided to take on the Radio City Christmas Spectacular, so here is my review.


In all my previous visits to New York City, I had never seen the Rockettes at Radio City Music Hall. Even with my three boys on this trip, I thought the Christmas Spectacular show would be the best show to see them. The boys didn’t even know what the Rockettes were. I tried to explain about the precision of the high kicks, but that just made it sound lame.

Planning ahead is the key to success with this experience. I purchased tickets well ahead of time, especially since we were attending on Thanksgiving night. I used the website which actually just redirects you to Ticketmaster. Since Chase is one of the sponsors, as a cardholder, you can be eligible for preferred seats. We chose a set of Chase Preffered seats in the center of the 2nd Mezanine. If you’ve been reading the blog for a while, you’ll know that I’m all about value. Our seats had a great view of the entire stage from a higher level. I even think it made it easier to see their formations and made for a great experience. Since we were seeing a broadway show in the same trip, I was trying to keep the costs down by not sitting in the Orchestra section. Save the expensive seats for Broadway.

I realize some of you might have girls that are into dance. There are several experience packages that you can purchase to take a class from a Rockette. They offer a beginner and an intermediate/advanced version too. There are other packages that combine with activities in Rockefeller center like ice skating and stage tours.


Even if those experiences are out of your budget make sure you come early to the show. The doors open an hour before the show, and there is a lot to see and do. They have the regular concessions and souvenirs areas, and the venue itself is beautiful. However, my bottle of water was $6, which I thought was insane. But I was nursing a cold the entire trip and had to have some water. Everyone has the opportunity to have their picture taken with Santa or a Rockette, but the lines get longer the later you arrive. That was the one thing we didn’t make time for, that Hubby wishes we had. Also, the lines for the women’s restrooms were incredibly long, so try to do your business at your hotel or restaurant before you head to the show.

The show itself was a quite good. A 3D movie starts the show (glasses are provided) and introduces Santa Claus as the narrator. The 3D film portion speaks to the tech generation our kids are growing up in. I don’t want to give too much away, but the show had a lot of variety. There was ice skating, dancing reindeer, rag dolls, Santa, a double decker bus, toy soldiers and even live animals! I lost count of how many times the Rockettes changed their outfits. Can you imagine what chaos occurs backstage during the show?

I’m glad we had the opportunity to see the Radio City Christmas Spectacular this year. The boys said they were glad we did it too. Their favorite parts were the toy soldiers and the live animals. However, it is not something that I need to attend again. If I had my choice between the Radio City Christmas Spectacular and a broadway musical, I would probably choose the musical. We caught Aladdin during the same trip, and the boys liked it more. Of course, with the youngest, Bo, being 11 years old, they appreciated more of a plot than dancing Rockettes.

Go with your gut, and you won’t be disappointed. I know we weren’t.


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