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Snow, Snow and more Snow!!

So, like most of the country, we are covered in snow.  The boys have had two snow days this week, and it looks like there will be a few more next week.  Isn’t it funny that we pay good money to spend all day and ski in this stuff in the mountains, but when it hits at home, we are stuck inside and complaining?


So here are my top 5 tips for snow skiing with the family:

#1 Stay a stone’s throw away from the slopes – Let’s be honest, your kids always ask you to carry some of their gear.  The further away you stay from the slopes, the worse it will be for you and them.  If you only have one child, this might not be so important.  But when your kids out number you, it is easier to say carry your own stuff when the condo/hotel is a short walk from the bottom of the lift.  It may be more expensive, but less complaining is always a good value to me.  The older my kids get, the more I am willing to deviate from staying so close to the slopes, although only a little.

#2 Invest in a crazy color of clothing for each kid –  As seen in the photo above, the spikes and mohawks are helmet covers on the boys, with a crazy hat for dad.  Not to mention the fun factor, it makes it easier to keep track of and spot your kids on the slope.  The crazy hats for mom and dad mean that the kids can spot us easily too.  My oldest has graduated to cool ski stickers on his helmet, but it still does the trick.

#3 Ski school is worth it – I am still surprised by the number of people I see trying to teach themselves or their children to ski.  Selfishly, I told my kids they had to attend ski school at least half of the time that we are skiing.  They keep honing their skills while mom and dad get a few days to ourselves. It also allows parents to get the lay of the land at a new mountain so they’ll have great routes for skiing together as a family.  From the beginning, it gave my boys a goal to shoot for in ski school.  If I pay attention and work at it, I can ski with mom and dad in a few days.  It also allows parents to ski the more difficult side of the mountain if only for a little bit.


#4 If at all possible, cook the evening meal – This one is much easier if you are staying in a condo instead of a hotel or resort.  Especially when my kids were little, they were too tired to shower, change and head out to dinner every night.  If you are skiing right, they should pass out before 9pm every night.  So we always visit the closest grocery store on the way into town and stock up.  I often cook chicken in a skillet one night (with extras) and then use the leftovers to make oven chicken quesadillas a few nights later.  This way our night eating out is extra special.

#5 Go Early or Stay Late – Most of us are slaves to our kids school schedules.  But even getting there a few days early, or staying a few days later can make a big difference.  Look for the sweet spots in your kids schedules.  Our school gets out for 10 days at Spring Break.  Due to our early arrival, sometimes our kids ski school group was just them.  I love paying for ski school and getting private lessons.  That way, by the time the masses show up, the instructors already know your kids’ names and abilities.  As parents, we get to know the lay of the land and can maneuver the mountain away from the crowds when the inevitably arrive.

I know there are many more tips for skiing with your family, but that’s all I have time for.  I have to go build a snowman!  Although after an hour outside, I’ll be too cold to take it anymore, since I’m at home and not on the slopes.

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