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Why go to Hong Kong for Spring Break?

This question was asked of us over and over again surrounding our spring break trip to Hong Kong. Although I’d love to answer with “Why not?”, there was actually more method to the madness than that.



First, Hubby and I have a ever evolving list of places we’d like to visit. But he has always had a lot of trepidation about Asia. Over the last couple of years, I took trips to Thailand and India with girlfriends, but he has never been to that part of the world. The language barrier seems larger in Asian countries, which I totally get. In Europe at least you are looking at letters, and if you took any language in high school, it might help some. The other issue is the food. He’ll try anything once, but when it comes down to it, Asian food just isn’t his favorite. Too many weird looking vegetables is not his idea of a good meal. We’re from the heartland, but for a meat and potatoes kind of guy to eat sushi, we’re not doing so bad. Considering all that, Hong Kong seemed like a good place to start in Asia. Because of it’s history as a British colony, English is everywhere. Baby steps…




Secondly, it was a celebration trip. Our 20th wedding anniversary is in the fall of 2017. When we were first married, Hubby followed the traditional yearly wedding anniversary gifts. Year 1 is paper, year 2 is cotton, you get the idea. So year 20 is china. Now, I’m pretty sure they meant dishes, but a travel junkie like me automatically thinks CHINA! Let’s go! Please save all of your arguments about whether Hong Kong is technically China for somewhere else. I saw a reason to get the family to Asia that pulled on some heart strings, so I took it. Sue me.

Thirdly, it was an opportunity for a full circle moment. Twenty years ago, we spent our honeymoon in Florida at Walt Disney World at the Grand Floridian. And wouldn’t you know it, there’s a Hong Kong Disneyland! While we’ve been back to WDW many times with the family in tow, this bumped it up a notch. It’s even inspired us to try to hit more Disney theme parks across the globe!




Finally, it was hackable. Long time readers of the blog will know that I try to travel hack part or all of our trip. Being able to use points and miles played a large part in our plans. A two week trip to mainland China would have been more difficult to hack, and we just didn’t have that kind of time during spring break. Not to mention that with our boys in competitive sports that requires summer travel, we just didn’t see that happening right now.

So there you have it, the long version of why we went to Hong Kong for spring break. Over the next few weeks I’ll be posting all the great things about our trip. It was the anniversary and spring break trip of a lifetime that I know we won’t ever forget!

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