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Thailand Trinkets

I have to say I’m not usually into travel souvenirs. Most trinkets are made in China anyway, right? However, in the early years of our marriage, Hubby and I would collect Christmas Ornaments from places we visited. They were small, easy to bring home, and are packed away neatly most of the year. It made decorating the tree each year like a walk down our traveling memory lane. But on my first trip to Asia, I found myself bringing home more than usual. In this post I’ll share the Thailand trinkets I found.





Thai Silk: After a trip to the Jim Thompson House, it is easy to be interested in Thai silk. I took the easy way out and bought a few silk things from their gift shop. Jim Thompson stores abound in Thailand even if you don’t tour his home. I purchased a silk tie for the Hubby and a scarf for me. The use of these items helped me justify the purchase. I liked that they had a wide variety of silk products from the most traditional Thailand silk to modern clothing and ties.


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Gift Items: The night markets in Chiang Mai are a great place to buy things to take home. The prices are good and the sheer quantity of things offered makes it a one stop shop. The tuk tuk made out of an aluminum can was a big hit with my boys. I brought home hand carved and painted soaps for my babysitter. I even bought a small antique bell decorated with elephants that I am going to fashion into a Christmas ornament.

Food Items: Obviously there are limitations to food items that you can bring home. The Chiang Mai night markets came through again. I became a little addicted to the dried mango and the tom yum seasoned nut mix. Although, I’m kicking myself for not buying some Thai spices so that I could authentically season my Thai cooking at home. We had already taken a Thai cooking class so I should have had that on my radar.


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Did you know that there are almost 200 flavors of Kit Kats in Asia? There are some pretty funny YouTube videos out there of Americans trying numerous weird flavors of Kit Kats. These can all be bought in the Bangkok or Tokyo airports with that leftover currency you are trying to get rid of. The flavors we tried were strawberry cheesecake, Japanese hot chili, baked pudding, and wasabi. My boys actually liked the Japanese hot chili flavor the best. Those Kit Kats provided a lot of entertainment at school too.





Objects d’art: You might be surprised at how many things you can turn into art or a conversation piece at home. I purchased a silk pillow case with the intention of framing it and hanging it on the wall. I found a pair of heavy iron Thai lions that I thought would complement some foo dogs I already had at home. I was gifted a small rice storage basket. The canister is woven, and then wax is applied to the outside and hand painted. Although it is not something I might have purchased for myself, I like the story behind it.

Although I think photos are the best trip souvenir of them all, I still found myself with plenty of Thailand treasures. Maybe it was because it was my first trip to Asia? Everything was so different from my other travels. The language, sights and sounds made me want to capture it in a different way? I don’t think it matters why I came home with more things than usual. I’m just grateful I had the opportunity…and enough space in my luggage.



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