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The Tripit App – traveling toolkit

As a travelholic, I always have several trips in the works.

Sometimes I feel like a circus performer trying to keep all of those plates spinning on the end of sticks. Running from plate to plate just to keep them spinning. They spin with airline tickets, hotel reservations, tours, activities, restaurants, etc. And I can’t reduce the number of plates that are spinning until that trip is taken.


I used to organize trips by giving each one a file in the desk in our study. But as the travel world began to go ticketless and confirm everything via email, I made a special email folder for travel. I quit printing everything out, and just used my phone to find confirmation numbers, etc. Although I hear in Asia it pays to have everything printed out. Anyway, I still keep that email folder, but right now it has 67 emails in it. Standing in line trying to thumb through those emails to find a confirmation number is annoying for me, let alone the person waiting behind me.


That’s where Tripit comes in.



It’s an app, although I do use it on my desktop when I’m at home too. It’s become the travel organizing app I can’t live without. You can visit their website and watch their video on how it works and how to easily set up an account. Every travel confirmation email I get from an airline, hotel, restaurant, tour, etc. I immediately forward it to the Tripit email.

Then magically, it arrives in my Tripit account. From there I can name the trip that it belongs to, and set a date range for the trip too. Then, as I make subsequent confirmations within that date range, and forward them to Tripit, it knows to put it in that trip! It’s amazing! It also syncs with the calendar on my phone and enters the flight information there for me! Complete with the confirmation number! No more scrolling through 67 emails to find the right one.


Itinerary for a specific trip…

Another one of the features I love, is that I can share the trip with anyone I want. So, family trips I share with Hubby (he got the free app too), and it is wonderful! He knows exactly what we are going to be doing on our trips, which he really likes. Before Tripit, he would send me a random text or email asking specifics, or making sure we were going to be able to do some of the items on his trip wish list. With Tripit, he can pull up that trip itinerary and answer those questions himself. There are 2 versions, Tripit (free) and Tripit Pro. I’ve only used the free version so far. Tripit Pro will give you real time flight alerts, better seat notification and a host of other things. I’ve been perfectly happy with the free version so far, but you can decide for yourself.


Flight info at your fingertips…

Depending on the trip, I still might have a file at home. My upcoming trip to New York City is requiring that I print out a lot of tickets at home. So, I went through the itinerary on my Tripit app, and placed each ticket in chronological order. When I pack my carry on, I double check I have all the tickets for the activities listed on Tripit, and throw it in. Then I’m ready to roll.

After the trip is taken, I still go through that huge email folder and delete all of the confirmations I no longer need. If I don’t, the travel email folder becomes a black hole and I will never find anything I need. By the way, this is not a sponsored post. The regular version of Tripit is free anyway. I just wanted to share an app that has helped saved my travel sanity several times.

And I need all the help I can get with that.



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