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Top 5 tips for Business travel with your spouse

Business travel with your spouse can mean several different things. For some, your spouse might travel to some amazing city and you decide to take advantage of the company paid hotel room and tag along. But you don’t have to go to make any appearances and your time is your own. Other times it’s a business conference complete with several receptions and dinners that spouses were expected to attend. Either way, there are certain things you can do to represent your spouse and the company well throughout your trip.

1) Try to be familiar with names: No one expects you to know all of the conference attendees names.   However, a little name game review of the people you already know will be attending could certainly help. Hubby and I usually do this on the flight so that it’s fresh in my mind. At the conference I introduce myself a lot, so that the other person will do the same. That allows Hubby to listen in, just in case he has forgotten any names. Sometimes he will say, “Hello, have you met my wife, Julianna?”. And then I chime in with, “I’m sorry, I didn’t get you name?” That way we are both covered.

2) Leave the revealing outfits at home: I don’t care if the conference is in Vegas and a nightclub is on the itinerary, leave the revealing outfits at home. Whether you look great in it or not, people will talk, and not in a good way. It’s one thing to look sexy or act sassy on a girls or couples trip, but a business conference is not the venue for it. There is a way to be dressed up without being revealing. Your dress and actions reflect on your husband and his ability to do his job. Put your best face forward and represent your family well. I witnessed a wardrobe malfunction at a business event once and will never forget whose spouse it was.

3) Don’t drink too much: Conferences sometimes have unlimited amounts of free alcohol. However, most conferences aren’t trying to imitate a booze cruise in Mexico over spring break.

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