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Travel planning and goals for 2015

Writing about travel planning and goals for 2015 during the first week of the year is inevitable for travelholic bloggers like me.


Truthfully by the time the new year rolls around, I’ve made most of our major travel plans for the year. It may sound boring to pre-plan travel almost a year ahead. But as parents, we are subjected to our boys’ school and sports schedules. Therefore, we are traveling at peak times as a family a lot. If I am trying to use miles or points for family travel at all, we definitely have to plan way in advance. Haven’t you heard that the early bird gets the worm?

By making sure that the boys school, sports and camp schedules are entered in our calendar as soon as they come available, we can start planning. Or it provides us with the opportunity to take advantage of flight or vacation deals as they arise. For example, Hubby and I usually try to take a couples trip when the boys are at summer camp. When an amazing fare to Iceland came up, I knew it fit our time frame for the summer and was able to pull the trigger on an amazing deal. It also helps that Iceland was on our list of desired destinations. It’s a list we refer to often to change or update as necessary so that we are on the same travel page. Hubby and I are excited to start researching the land of fire and ice.

Some plans for 2015 include a girls trip to Thailand, family skiing in Colorado, our Iceland adventure, and a couple of business trips to Texas. My biggest piece of advice for making a trip happen is to make it a priority. Wherever the trip may be, schedule the time off from work right now. Start planning to purchase the airline tickets. Check out the hotel or rental you want to stay in. A trip is rarely planned in one day, and if you start taking a few steps at a time, it’s more likely to happen.

I’m not even including the road trip travel that is included when you have kids in sports. A one or two night stay in a hotel is not uncommon when traveling for competitive sports. Depending on the city, or road trip route, we can often make those trips feel like vacations too. We never knew how beautiful the rolling hills were near Bentonville, Arkansas until we spent the weekend there for a lacrosse tournament. You probably won’t be surprised to learn that there is a Wal-Mart Museum located in Bentonville. Hubby is enamored with roadside america, so our car trips are definitely interesting.

Now that my boys are getting older, they are starting to travel without us as well. Junior traveled through Germany and Austria with a school group for a few weeks last summer at age 14. I might have shed a few tears in the car. Mostly because I was grateful he had the opportunity to go, but some part of me sees the writing on the wall. The boys are growing up. All too soon they won’t be able to go on the majority of our vacations due to their own school or work schedules. Duke proved that point by signing up for a trip to the British Isles with some of his schoolmates this summer.

But I guess that means we’ve passed on the love of travel, adventure and discovery to our kids. And that’s a great holiday wish to be granted after all.


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