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Traveling for Athletic Competitions…

No, it is not a traveling contest. I’m talking about traveling for an athletic competition.

Over the years I have combined my love of travel with athletic events. I’m talking about running and cycling events that Hubby and I compete in.

Let’s face it. We all have issues staying motivated. I am not one of those lanky women that ran cross country in high school and never quit. I forced myself to start running about a decade ago, and although I sort of enjoy it, having a goal (like a marathon, obstacle race, or half marathon) and a new place to travel to compete, makes it all the more bearable.


Here’s my top 5 (not so obvious) cities to visit and the athletic competitions that go with them:

5. Dallas, TX – My husband and I did the Muddy Buddy in this action packed city. Our race justified eating at Snuffers (mountains of cheese fries) and Campisi’s (major Italian) on the way out of town. There are Muddy Buddy races all over the country. There are also lots of other events in Dallas throughout the year to come up with an excuse to visit this town.

634365111569265033The last 100 yards of the Muddy Buddy is a mud pit crawl….

4. Las Vegas, NV – This race is one of the many Rock n’ Roll series races across the country. The only thing that beats a half marathon on the strip, is the photo op with a show girl at the end. No wait, maybe it was the show we went to see, or the great food, or the gambling. Oh never mind, you pick.

3. Oklahoma City, OK – Running the Memorial Marathon (in remembrance of the bombing in 1995) is one of the most heartfelt races around. The atmosphere is like a giant hug, that finishes at the memorial. The race is relatively flat, except for gorilla hill. Their downtown area complete with a river walk, will completely change your ideas of what Oklahoma is all about.

2. Indianapolis, IN – The Indy Mini Marathon (Half Marathon and walker friendly) is the only way you can run on the Indy 500 track. My husband stopped and kissed the bricks! The town will amaze you with a great downtown, lots of sports venues and a fantastic children’s museum. This race is their gear up to the famous car race, and well worth a visit!

1. Nashville, TN – This one wins first place for personal reasons. I ran my first full marathon there, and the atmosphere rocks! I didn’t even turn my ipod on until mile 14, because the bands and cheering were so great. It is another rock n’ roll series race. With music city at your fingertips, all that history and serious barbecue, this town delivered it all.


Hopefully this inspires you to get running, get traveling, or both!!


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