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traveling toolkit – The blanket Scarf

If you are looking for a great gift, look no further than the blanket scarf. I’ve had mine for several years and it has come in handy and gotten questions from fellow travelers again and again. I think they are especially handy when traveling between hot and cold climates.



Okay, so this kid is about 5’2″…


At first glance, it looks like a regular scarf, albeit a little full. But when you unwrap it, it’s blanket sized!! So when I took off for Thailand last January, I wore my blanket scarf around my neck for extra warmth in the winter cold. And although my business class seat on JAL provided a blanket and comforter, I used my blanket scarf as an extra cover. January temperatures in Thailand are quite warm, however I used it as a cover on an all night train journey too. And on my last domestic flight home, the AA flight attendant had on a winter coat and boots and the entire plane was freezing cold. But I cuddled up in my trusty blanket scarf, and got a several questions from other travelers.


IMG_3832 2

Just your average full scarf while in the airport lounge…


I have two different color schemes to choose from that I purchased separately. The black one is a little bit thicker. I think it just depends on the brand. My searches found them from $12-$30 on Amazon. I actually think I got my first one at a local boutique and then the second one on Amazon. They aren’t designed to be horribly thick and bulky, but they still work wonders when you need them. I am not a fashion diva, so I have repeatedly watched a YouTube video about all the different ways you can wear them.



Fall tailgating in the morning chill….


Another perfect time to wear them is for outdoor sporting events in the fall/winter. We attended a Steelers/Chiefs game this fall, and I was toasty warm in the outdoor stadium. It wasn’t cold enough that day to use it like a stadium blanket, but I was glad I had the option. I’m all for sports, but I don’t like to freeze my butt off supporting my favorite teams!

I’ve used my blanket scarfs more than I originally thought I would. And with such a small investment, they have really saved me a time or two. I’m already planning on packing them for my upcoming trip to India! I have no doubt they’ll come in handy again.



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