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Visiting Arrowhead Stadium

Hubby is a HUGE Pittsburg Steelers fan. So whenever the Steelers play anywhere in the vicinity, we try to take advantage of the opportunity to attend a game. That’s how we found our entire family visiting Arrowhead Stadium last weekend.



Steeler Nation invading Arrowhead…


We have lots of family and friends in Kansas City. Luckily we received 5 club level tickets to the Steelers vs. Chiefs game from family for free. Complete with a parking pass! I can’t tell you how many times we’ve gotten tickets to events from friends and family. Don’t be shy about sharing your sports or music loves with family and friends. You might be first on their mind to offer tickets to when they just can make an event. On the flip side, we try to do the same when we’re the ones holding the tickets. You can always try Stubhub and see what you can find. Although, if you aren’t a die hard NFL fan, I’d stick to the warmer months of the season. I’ve stood in that stadium on ice and snow and it’s not quite as fun for me. Arrowhead Stadium also offers guided tours on Friday and Saturdays most of the year too.

We arrived in Kansas City at 2am the night before the game. There are a couple of hotels around Arrowhead stadium that would allow you to walk to the game. However, the stadium is not in the best part of town. Let me just say that my family in Kansas City would never recommend that you stay in those hotels.  The ones I checked were already booked anyway. With those options out of contention, I remembered that I had a free night at a Sheraton hotel that I had to use by the end of the year. This is why I sign up for every hotel promotion just in case. There was award night space at the Sheraton Crowne Plaza in downtown Kansas City! The room needed updating, but it was spacious enough and we only spent about 7 hours of sleep time in it anyway. The lobby was large and modern when we walked through it, but that’s about all we saw. I’m glad we didn’t have to pay the standard room rate of $323 for the night, but it worked for our purposes. Be sure to check for parking fees at downtown hotels in Kansas City. It amounted to $17 for us.



The lighting isn’t great at 2am arrival…


Drive time from downtown Kansas City to Arrowhead Stadium should take about 15 minutes if it wasn’t a game day. There is a lot of highway construction in that area right now, so it took about 40 minutes to get to our premium parking permit spot adjacent to the stadium. We walked the 50 yards to the Founders Plaza Gate entrance which opened up to escalators leading to the club level. The inside of the club level looks like it has been updated in the last few years. Everything was clean and modern, with lots of seating available. That included a full bar with top shelf liquor if that’s what you wanted. I always appreciate the nicer bathrooms without long lines. My favorite part about this side of the club level was that we could see the stadium for the Kansas City Royals from the windows. They share parking lots with the Chiefs, and we saw a lot of Royals shirts since they were hosting the World Series two days after our  visit.



Comfy club level lounges…


We ventured out to our club level seats about 30 minutes before the game. Club level have chair back seats and cup holders. I’ll take that over bench seating any day. However, the cup holders came off with the cup if you weren’t careful. The first time it happened I told Junior that he broke Arrowhead Stadium. Way to go. We’d only been in our seats for 10 minutes! The plastic part fit back on the seat just fine, but it kept happening to lots of people up and down our row. Over the course of the game, the kids had chicken fingers, fries and cokes. I sent them to get a hotdog for me and they cam back with a really good bratwurst. I was pleasantly surprised. Hubby and I skipped having a beer since we were a little tired and still had to drive home that evening.



He broke the stadium….great!


In the end, the Steelers lost to the Chiefs but we still had a great time. The stadium is known for it’s noise level and it didn’t disappoint us this time either. We weren’t even in Kansas City for 24 hours, but I still think it was worth it.  As a family, it was a fun and different way to make family memories on a gorgeous fall Sunday afternoon. I have to say I was surprised at how efficiently the parking lot cleared out after the game. We parked 50 yards from the stadium entrance and it only took 15 minutes to get through the parking lots and back on the highway to head home. Not a bad way to spend a Sunday if you ask me!


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