A girl’s trip to New York City

I’ve been to New York City many times, but I have a really close friend, that has never been! And to top it all off, we share the same birthday! Same day, same year, everything. So when I had two free nights at any Hyatt that might expire without use, I knew we had to use them in New York City for a girl’s trip!


Since I have

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The faces of India

The common thread throughout all of my posts about India, was the hospitality and sincerity of the Indian people. I thought there was no better way to represent the feeling, than through their many faces. Enjoy.













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A few things you should know about India

Before I visited India myself, I hadn’t really talked to anyone personally about their experience. Sure, I had friends of friends that had been, but that’s about it. I’m thankful that we used a travel company that specializes in India, and I know their service made the trip phenomenal. But after spending 10 days in India, there were things I’d wish I’d known about India and visiting there before I

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Shopping in India…good grief!!

Shopping in India was so different for me, that I find it hard to explain. At home, I’m not a big shopper. As for clothes, I follow the fit, not trends. As for home accessories, less is more. I tend to do more online shopping than anything else. Which helps earn points to travel more, of course. However, by our 4th day in India, I needed to buy another suitcase to

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