The faces of India

The common thread throughout all of my posts about India, was the hospitality and sincerity of the Indian people. I thought there was no better way to represent the feeling, than through their many faces. Enjoy.













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A few things you should know about India

Before I visited India myself, I hadn’t really talked to anyone personally about their experience. Sure, I had friends of friends that had been, but that’s about it. I’m thankful that we used a travel company that specializes in India, and I know their service made the trip phenomenal. But after spending 10 days in India, there were things I’d wish I’d known about India and visiting there before I

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Shopping in India…good grief!!

Shopping in India was so different for me, that I find it hard to explain. At home, I’m not a big shopper. As for clothes, I follow the fit, not trends. As for home accessories, less is more. I tend to do more online shopping than anything else. Which helps earn points to travel more, of course. However, by our 4th day in India, I needed to buy another suitcase to

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Eating in India

Thinking about eating in India was something that made me really nervous before our trip. Stories of Delhi belly are infamous. It doesn’t help that when you live in the heartland of America, there aren’t a lot of Indian restaurants to frequent. Let’s just say that my exposure to Indian food was limited. I like spicy food a lot more than Gabi (my traveling companion this trip), so at least

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