Hong Kong Disneyland visit

A Hong Kong Disneyland visit was mandatory for us during our spring break visit to Hong Kong. We’ve been to DisneyWorld and Disneyland in the United States more times than I can count. So this was our chance for something different. There’s only so much culture and wonton soup my teen boys could tolerate, so heading to Hong Kong Disneyland seemed like

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Shopping in Hong Kong

Hong Kong shopping was a heck of a lot of fun! I’ll admit I was taken by surprise. With a family full of boys, we don’t tend to make shopping an important part of our travels. Experiences are what we strive for, and Hong Kong did not disappoint. However, Hong Kong shopping was an experience in itself. Here are our favorites…


Travel hacking Hong Kong

Spending a week in Hong Kong for spring break this year, wasn’t going to happen without travel hacking. I talked about our reasons for spending spring break in Hong Kong here. And one of the main reasons was that the trip was hackable. To be fair, most trips can be made cheaper by the use of points and miles, but some more than others. Not to pat myself

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Why go to Hong Kong for Spring Break?

This question was asked of us over and over again surrounding our spring break trip to Hong Kong. Although I’d love to answer with “Why not?”, there was actually more method to the madness than that.


First, Hubby and I have a ever evolving list of places we’d like to visit. But he has always had a lot of trepidation about Asia. Over the last couple of years,

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